Tangie OG Wax : 81.84% THC / 1.29% CBD,



Buy Tangie OG Wax UK

Buy Tangie OG Wax UK. This high is just as bright and vivid as its flavor. With energizing and lifted effects that are perfect for giving you a kick of energy in the early afternoon or later in the day.

You’ll feel an influx of creative energy almost as soon as you exhale, infusing you with a sense of pure euphoria.

As your mind soars, a light tingle will begin to spread throughout your entire body, invigorating you and giving you the boost you need to get up and get moving. Trust budsoasis.net for the quality of it products.

Strain Highlights

Buy Tangie OG WaxTangie is another fantastic offering from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam that has quickly gained popularity in its home and is spreading elsewhere.


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